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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 15, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: all right. "good day new york." it is tuesday. greg: it was 58 degrees earlier today. we already broke records. i know you think that this is of troubling. rosanna: it is freaky. what are you going to do? enjoy it. crime on the subway is. crimes. 18% this year. greg: okay. new regulations if you have a drone.
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drone seem to be taking over the world. they came out with a new set of rules. rosanna: a three-way tie. that is great. greg: meanwhile, the star wars movie, they had their big vermeer out in hollywood. that is a great costume. i heard over the weekend they do not like each other in real life. the movie, according to initial reports, fantastic. rosanna: j.j. abrams. greg: p directed it. rosanna: he did a story sunday night. did you see it? greg: i did not. rosanna: they talk about the pressure doing the star wars movie. the wife goes, it is great. i saw it twice.
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we're not curing cancer. it is a star wars movie. that is the music from the famous bar scene. the cool thing, rosanna, you have to go to midnight showings on thursday night did you can see it at 7:00 o'clock all over the place. on thursday. rosanna: we have plans thursday. i don't know. it is our christmas party. you do have plans. greg: i'm doing it. you are going, right? rosanna: of course. greg: how about you come up mike woods? mike: i am right behind her. greg: not often that you can drink at work and get away with it. mike: and be encouraged by the bosses.
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us, by the way. greg: there will be refreshments right here. mike: the worst thing about the christmas party, having to find a new job the next day. [laughter] rosanna: i will be watching you. are you going to wear a t-shirt? mike: perfect. greg: speaking of your job. mike: first of all, it is mild outside. we had a record high temperature just after midnight. check it out. it beat the old highs by age of greed. cold air trying to make a comeback. look at the advertised. so far, we are above normal. our temperatures will start sinking over the next couple of days. i am sure quite a few records
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we are still dropping. fifty-nine in bridgeport. same thing for you in montauk. fifty-five in sussex. wind gusts. many places reporting high gust. twenty out of belmar. twenty-three also in montauk. the sky has cleared up for us here. light showers coming through litchfield county. the drier air does start to push back into the tri-state region. that will bring us not only a clearer sky, but cooler temperatures, two. around 62 degrees later on this afternoon. that is your afternoon temperature. anyhow, it will be even cooler for you on wednesday. there is some brain coming through.
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it on thursday. let's get over to ines rosales. see what our problems are. ines: some issues out there. let's start with the bqe. watch out for a stalled truck. westchester, on the sawmill, there is an accident. low-down. your commute on long island, there is an accident causing this tie up there. about a 1 mile delay. use #, you are fine. metro-north, 30-60 minutes on the danbury. everything else running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: thank you very much.
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crime is way up in the subways. rosanna: fox5 teresa priolo has more in columbus circle where one of the sex crimes occurred. >> reporter: good morning. if you are running out the door this morning to try to catch a subway train, the next my part you are yourself. there is in fact a big spike in crime. when it comes to some of the most agrees agrees -- trying to catch that overcrowded subway train in hopes of making it to the gym, to work origin school on time, know this, this year, you are more likely to be a victim of subway crime. there is a greater chance that the perpetrator will be caught. >> 6.7 major felonies per day
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per day. overall this year, felony crime is up 9.2%. there has also been a nearly 18% increase in arrests for sex crimes. most writers are also snapping photos so that person can be caught dead the most serious offense, rape. that one is down 80%. also reminded the committee that prosecuting these is just as important as catching them in the first place. >> if you arrest them and you cannot get prosecution in a timely fashion, you cannot get it in appropriate fashion, you cannot get sentencing that is worth anything. arrested 31 times. he was picked up again on
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a woman. >> i am kind of scared. i take it in stride. i keep looking behind me. i have to know where i am going. i can just stay home. >> reporter: the majority of these offensive offenses are relatively minor. >> bumping into each other. a lot of people go out assaulting people for no reason. >> here is the one outstanding question. it was not explained in great detail yesterday. are there more crimes occurring or because we all have cell phones in our hands, are more people just reporting what is happening to them? that is the latest from columbus circle this morning.
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greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: deadly incident involving a mts bus in brooklyn. greg: happened in sheepshead day. by the way, the nypd has stepped up important around senior centers. extra police presence. rosanna: a 14 euro boy arrested for vandalizing. he has been charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime. greg: everybody was really offended by it. police found him. they were able to identify the suspect who had not been publicly identified.
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rosanna: more and more people are owning drones. as we have heard, lots of problems with them. >> they can be terrific. we, apparently, need more regulation. let's go to robert moses. >> reporter: the new regulations we are talking about apply to drones. they can cause. problems if they get too close to commercial airlines. the u.s. open tennis tournament. they have come uncomfortably close to commercial aircraft. >> the drone is flying.
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under clueless trees everywhere. the federal aviation administration will soon acquire owners to register them with the federal government. starting monday, they must register their name by february february 19. drones purchase after monday must be purchased after the first outdoor flight. the cost to register is $5. it will be weighed for waived for the first few days of registration. >> they are responsible for their actions. it is above 400 feet. within 5 miles of an airport. a technology called geo-
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>> the software on every drones have built into it. >> the bad apples will not register their drones at all. it could be very costly. ranging up to $27500. it really is a huge problem. routinely reporting these close calls more than 100 times a month. that is the latest. back to you. greg: how do you do it again? store. online.
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presidential debate. it is the fifth. greg: those guys could go at it. then garson and donald trump right next to each other. first it was trump and bush. greg: tonight at 9:00 o'clock over on cnn. his doctors doctor says he will be the healthiest one ever elected. greg: this is from doctor harold. rosanna: since 1980.
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healthiest elected president. rosanna: donald trump has lost 15 pounds. i think it is campaigning. he has never used alcohol or tobacco products. no form of cancer. he has never had any orthopedic surgery either. greg: he had his appendix removed when he was five. rosanna: i can relate to that. all things star wars. three separate theaters in l.a.
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listen to this. [inaudible] rosanna: i wonder if calista was there with him. greg: they are married now. greg: thursday night starting at about 7:00 o'clock. rosanna: we cannot go thursday. we have the company christmas party. greg: look, how long are you going to stay at the company party? let me tell you what is wrong with this station. everyone gets an idea.
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happy talk. greg: we will tone it down a notch. rosanna: there is one year that we got in trouble for the conduct. mike: we will try. we will see what we can do. we sell these temperatures in the 60s for days. just after midnight got 68 degrees. anyhow, here is what happens. i guess you can call that the daytime highs. fifty-two for a ride tomorrow. we go down. all the way down to the low 40s over the weekend. then it starts to creep back up
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61 degrees out that essential part. a good amount of wind coming in from the west. another spot of rain coming through here. mike: what we have with your commute situation. it is blocking a lane. a lame blog causing a lot of delays. heading towards the verrazano bridge. brooklyn. westbound.
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cameras. there is an accident in the area by 150 blocking two lanes. let's go to the bqe in brooklyn. a problem by the brooklyn bridge. traffic moving slow here. 495. very windy out there. if you are taking the george washington bridge, 30 minutes on the upper level, 20 on the lower. rosanna: the sun is coming out. it is going to be a lovely day. greg: right now the trump hotel. greg: he owns a lot of stuff. he has physical strength and
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rosanna: he lost 15 pounds the
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rosanna: very vibrant. greg: what about getting some new streets? rosanna: you are going to get rid of those cobblestones? it is a pain in the neck. i will tell you. greg: what else is going on? rosanna: was douglas army sergeant boberg golf. greg: remember him? he was held was there for several years. rosanna: the case be handled as a misdemeanor level. the sergeant walked off his post in afghanistan in june 2009. he was held by the taliban in. greg: that could mean life in prison. apparently, he was not looking to help the taliban. he thought his own unit was so
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that he wanted to walk to another base. rosanna: really? >> yes. rosanna: if you listen to the podcast, they have taken on this case. i am curious to see how they handle it. >> jonathan pollard spent 30 years in prison. we mentioned, i think, he is out now. prosecutors believe that he is still a threat. most of the information remains top-secret.
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his parole condition. the electrical current. >> he was sent to prison. he works for the financial services industry. >> before they decide on a ruling. that happened late last week. barely missing two employees. the driver of the pickup was not happy. greg: this was deliberate. >> he barreled through the entrance on purpose. >> bad is it? rosanna: okay. now are we happy? did you take all that stuff from
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rosanna: how about the taxes? 30 or 50% taxes on everything. greg: 37 years in prison for insulting the king's dog. greg: thailand. it is a crime to insult the king. i guess that includes the dog. the king and the dog are very close. this is technically a crime. what exactly is the insult? greg: something sarcastic. rosanna: i would like to hear
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don't we all love to judge. rosanna: nobody ever gives president obama's dog a hard time. let's take a quick peek outside this crazy warm day. i think the warmest part of the day already happened. i swear it was like 64, 65 degrees. did you hear the rain? i got up. my dog was going crazy. greg: a live look at local rdf.
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savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. greg: this weather is kind of playing tricks. i keep thinking i have time to shop for the holidays. ten days.
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santa? greg: thanks for reminding me. you guys give me a hard time. you guys kind of hurt my feelings about the whole process. a little christmas cheer. he came around in the end. rosanna: how many more people have to pick. greg: a little fun thing for christmas. look at the reef. look at that stuff back there. the garland. christmas spirit.
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greg: i am getting to it already. mike: i am gone. greg: we will put it under the tree. i have a hunch. coming at me with logistical challenges. put it under the tree. rosanna: did you pick somebody? greg: i did. rosanna: $25 gift. let's show you what we have out there. mike: ice cream. temperatures. it is way above normal. our temperatures are starting to come back down.
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57 degrees in tarrytown. bit. it looks like it will not be a bad looking day. it is going to cool down. sixty right now in philadelphia. none of the temperatures even to the northwest of apple. wind gusts, this will be another challenge for us. there is a wind advisory going into effect at 10:00 o'clock this morning. right now, when between 20 and 25. it is clearing out for us. the rain has pretty much moved on. high temperature in the afternoon. fifty-two is your high tomorrow. that is rain making a comeback. it is out of here in time for
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let's check what is going on. >> lots of problems. the expressway doing fine. it is the belt parkway approaching flatbush avenue. westchester county, a couple of problems. two lanes blocked within accident. a couple of issues here. the sawmill. an accident. the taconic southbound, expect the ways. the garden state parkway. this is northbound. traffic moving slow because of an accident in the area. let's go to the bqe. all lanes cleared southbound.
7:32 am
several problems. the seven train has to laze. track issues. thirty-fourth street and canal. thirty-45 minute delay. a train with mechanical problems. >> okay. thanks a lot. picking on a 10-year-old kid. severely burned him. now, his mother says the police family try to even cover up that attack. >> reporter: duces her terrific. it is, unfortunately, hitting home right now. it is stable boy was attacked by bullies. the victim thought the boy was his friend. he is in the hospital right now.
7:33 am
his mother says that the two boys were at the suspects staten island home earlier this month. he sprayed cologne on the victim. lit a match setting d'andre on fire. the other boy's mother and sister essentially tried to cover the whole thing up. they just waited and waited. two hours before getting medical attention. >> trying to cover it up. she put d'andre in the shower. he will be scarred for the rest of his life. every night he is crying out one or 2:00 o'clock with nightmares. >> he has been bullied in the past. the 13-year-old suspect was
7:34 am
counts. rosanna: thank you. santa is not going to brooklyn public schools. actually, they changed their mind. santa has returned. originally, saint nicholas bands. several of the political correctness. she says maybe she misunderstood the wolves. apparently, she was concerned. some of these things were symbols of the holiday. now she has been told that santa claus may not be so religious. greg: listen to this.
7:35 am
>> originally i felt the christmas spirit. now, i don't. it is bad. greg: they were not allowed to celebrate thanksgiving. greg: the pledge of allegiance is recited every day. i am sure that the principal met well. greg: okay. that is good to know. 7:37 a.m. there is a lot of good stuff in there. greg: 44 hours station. the studios are in there. that is true. they still have it. a cupcake that is decorated by
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rosanna: i must get down there and get one. >> it is acros [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way!
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greg: the wind and the rain last night. the streets and the cars were covered. did you notice that? >> no. i had a horrible night sleep. greg: 2:00 o'clock in the morning. the dog sniffing at you. i would get confused every time i went around the circle.
7:40 am
bit. >> you are listening to the song. i love this song. >> this is back when she hung out at scandal. mike: we have some changes for us here. by the way, happy birthday. hope you have a great birthday. what to expect here today. one more warm one. our next chance of rain is just two days away on thursday. much cooler temperatures are on the way for the weekend. something that we have not really seen much at all. we're we are more than two months into it. fifty-nine also in montauk. the showers now clearing out of
7:41 am
not too much. we will see skies continuing to clear out. that was after temperatures down. tomorrow starts off nice and clear. it looks like the clouds are making a comeback. 62 degrees this afternoon. that is basically where we are right now. tomorrow, you'll see a much cooler high. cooler and drier for you over the weekend. download it. check out where this rain is coming and going. let's bring in ines. see what is going on.
7:42 am
this is bqe eastbound. two lanes are thoughts within accident. there was an earlier stall. the l.i.e., normally laze. your new jersey commute, adm 287. slow spots on 80. not a bad ride. normal slow down there. hov lanes are doing fine. that is a 30 minute delay. heading towards the lincoln tunnel, 50-60 minute the late inbound. greg and rosanna, back to you. rosanna: thanks a lot. rosanna: the giants still looking good.
7:43 am
>> i have to take you to lucy. what a tremendous game. absolutely sensational in this game. twenty-four-17. what we call and complete. inbound. in your locker room shortly before that catch. fourth-quarter, they talked about this play. this may work for us. tom coughlin. taken out by dominic rogers.
7:44 am
this game. they were, as i said, in the intro, awesome. >> disappointed in the one turnover. >> a big win. came in at the fourth-quarter. a four-minute drive there at the end. >> the nfc east. akin first place. it is new england. as for the jets, they currently hold a six and five playoff spot.
7:45 am
kansas city and expert. the jets could be on the outside looking in. it is just the way it is. basketball. not eight good night. hosting the magic. in the third, turning it on. the highlight. major league baseball. verbally and in writing. what does the pan mean? cannot coach.
7:46 am
ballpark that often. playing while managing for the cincinnati reds. a lifetime ban lifted earlier this year. you do see pictures of pete rose there. greg: the headfirst slide. duke: he kind of change the way baseball was played at the garden. >> some of the things being done. making the game safer. we will tell you about the medical research being done. helping us. and you. greg: what is that thing? >> it is a very interesting technique being done at harvard
7:47 am
this is a concussion treatment that uses near red infrared lights to help create energy in the brain. rosanna: kathie lee gifford announced that she donated frank's brain for research. >> that is what the research indicated. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york," it will be another splendid day in our town. greg: the ones that have the big cow out front. greg: show us the cow. did those crazy college kids take it again? rosanna: usually right in the front.
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greg: all right. sixty hours until we can see star wars.
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greg: we have a christmas party. rosanna: they take attendance they are, the way. greg: a loyalty check. rosanna: how long did you stay. greg: i don't know about that. rosanna: oh yeah. upstairs and finance. he timed me one day. i was like i did not realize we had a clock that we had to punch in and punch out. [laughter] greg: that sounds ridiculous. anna gilligan is here. anna: a huge night in hollywood. hollywood bowl of art completely transformed for the premiere of star wars. they were showing movies to vip crowds in three separate theaters. the red carpet when 44 blocks long.
7:51 am
j.j. abrams revises the pressure that is on this movie. take a look. >> going to be nearly impossible . the best movie ever made. that kind of thing. i cannot control any of that. the best movie we can. >> reviews are embargoed until 12:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. early commentary is very positive from critics. apparently harrison ford really shined. a lot more screen time than you would expect. the best star wars since 1983. anna: what will the box office sales look like? 185-220 million. a very good chance of beating
7:52 am
world that just six months ago. it could beat them overall. it will have to get a global opening of 525 million. opening day is officially friday. lots of theaters are showing it thursday night starting at seven. greg: if you googled darth vader donald trump -- rosanna: it is very long. seven or nine minutes. greg: what else is going on? the dell is going on to her for the first time in five years. greg: very counted. i would like to see a dancing number from her. rosanna: i think she just
7:53 am
greg: six days at madison square garden. twenty-third, 24th, 25th and 26. tickets go on sale on thursday. rosanna: a sign. anna: so happy. rosanna: we love howard. greg: absolutely. rosanna: thank you. greg: robin will be around, too. congratulations. rosanna: we like her. we like our facebook fan of the hour. said very nice inc. about our facebook page. mary, when we come back. trying to figure out our secret
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spread the happy. greg: hi, everybody. what is going on. december 15. it is tuesday, i believe.
7:57 am
the temperatures so mild. it is going to be in the mid- 60s. eventually, it will have to cool down. greg: that is a record, rosanna. down in the subways, there is groping, there is fondling, there is a salt. rosanna: bowe bergdahl will face a court-martial board desertion. he could get life in prison. we are hearing more details about why he did it. greg: draws. now having to register with the faa. these are basically mini airplanes. new guidelines. christmas gifts to your friends
7:58 am
come on now. it is coming down to the wire. higher than expected online sales. >> he blew his top. one hundred packages. i was actually in his way. i mean, the guy was about to blow his top. i cut him some slack. i really was not in his way to begin with. they are under a lot of pressure right now. rosanna: this is the time of the season everyone gets a little stressed out. greg: i am running a secret santa campaign. there has been nothing but grumbling and lack of christmas beer. juliet huddy, you guys have already picked.
7:59 am
you leave on friday. mike: if he is leaving, the wonderful person that has him, okay, should they give this gift to him before he leaves? greg: that is up to them. put it under the tree. rosanna: he is not going to be here. greg: we will not take it down the moment christmas is over. mike: i get back the day after. rosanna: rockefeller christmas tree. they don't take it immediately down. mike: i saw it. rosanna: a lot of people have concerns about how he is handling this. greg: there was one person lasher that did not have a gift for light five-minute. they went ballistic on
8:00 am
all right. rosanna: i think that there may have been more than one. greg: no, rosanna, there wasn't. rosanna: let's move on. mike: people on twitter -- rosanna: of course they are. mike: we will get it done. things are looking okay for us here. it is warm again up there. do not expect those temperatures to go up. here is what happened. shortly after midnight, our temperature was sitting at 16 degrees. that is what helping her temperature up to 68 degrees last night. that is why we have a new record high. the old was sick the 7 degrees. look at the normal temperature. forty-three for a normal temperature.
8:01 am
it was a warm one. 57 degrees in montauk. fifty-four in sussex. the wind is coming in almost two west around five-15 miles per hour. eighteen for you out in allentown. the rain is clear in the tri-state region. we still have some clouds in the much out. dry air coming down from canada. that will take your temperatures down general speaking. we will get some sunshine. right around 61-62 degrees. the next seven days, it will be cooler over the next few days to come. a good amount of rain coming through on thursday. as we head into the weekend, our sunny skies are back again. it will be preceded, if not windy and cooler.
8:02 am
let's bring in ines rosales. quite a list of things that will slow you up. >> a lot of stuff going on there. slight delays on route 80. we had a lot of earlier incidents. northbound headed towards the drug's neck bridge. this is a stall earlier. right now if the brooklyn bridge. the gowanus, you are cleared away. normal delays on the expressway. the belt parkway, still working. westbound by five bush avenue. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the southern state parkway. there is an accident to watch out for pick let's talk about the trains. we have some signal problems.
8:03 am
running on the five line between 149. problem with the seven trains. hudson yards down trains have delays. natural north, you have to laze on the new haven branch. danbury branch, 30-45 minutes. everything is running on a close. rosanna: if you read the subway, and i know you do, new numbers out that will not make you feel great. greg: crime is up. forcible touching. lewdness. a big spike in crime underground. let's go to teresa priolo. >> reporter: good morning. a major spike in crime when it comes to writing on the subway. this also comes at a time when the fda saying we also have an increase in ridership. we talk about these crimes.
8:04 am
the most agree agree agrees if as you are running out the door this morning trying to catch that overcrowded subway train in the hopes of making it to the gym or work or school on time. more likely to be a victim of subway crime. it also says there is a greater chance that the perpetrator will be caught. >> 6.7 major felonies a date. 1.4 robberies per day. >> the annual assessment crime. up 9.2%. there has also been a nearly 18% increase in arrests for sex crimes. forcible touching, lewdness and unwanted surveillance. writers are also snapping photos
8:05 am
the most serious offense, rape. that one is down 80%. prosecuting is just as important place. >> if you arrest them and you timely fashion, you cannot get it in an appropriate fashion, you cannot get sentencing that is appropriate. >> walter reed arrested and picked up again on december 4 for forcibly touching a woman. >> you know, i take it in stride. i keep looking behind me. i have to go where i am going. >> reporter: as for assault,
8:06 am
relatively minor offenses. >> things of that. a lot more people going out and assaulting people for no reason. >> actually happened with their invasion. >> greg and rosanna, back to both of you. greg: thanks a lot, teresa priolo. rosanna: it is supposed to be up and running. greg: that was the schedule. probably not going to happen. rosanna: moderate risk of the lathe. i am not saying that it will happen. possibly being delayed. seventy-second street.
8:07 am
sending work hours to help get back on schedule. they note that it is important they open on time. people will certainly be angry with them. it is deteriorating with time. greg: it is free. all right. you know the theory and refugees. majority of new yorkers do not state. rosanna: 52% oppose. 39%. they surveyed 832 people. couple also found that nearly 90% of voters are concerned. sergeant bowe bergdahl. walking off his post there in afghanistan.
8:08 am
convicted of desertion and other charges. rosanna: fox5 ben simmoneau is looking at the details on this. >> the army had a couple of options here. officials decided not to do that. he will face a full court-martial. he could get life in prison. he walked off his posted afghanistan back in june 2009. he was held by the taliban and before he was freed in exchange for five detainees could the charges of desertion and behavior, the white house announced his return last year with a lot of fanfare. the president made that announcement in the rose garden. now, not say much about this
8:09 am
>> as the spokesperson, potential for influencing the outcome of that. really not able to react in the terms. >> has not really spoken out. season to of the hit hot cast cereal. twenty-five hours of recorded conversation. screenwriter. here is a clip from the first episode. have a listen. >> explaining that to a person. just standing in an empty dark room. someone asks you.
8:10 am
it is like this metal thing. you are confused. there are times i would wake up and it is so dark. i would wake up not even remembering what i was. i get that feeling. that word is on the tip of your tongue. what am i. >> he goes onto say on to say that he walked away because he was hoping to catch the attention of top military are asked. guys, a lot of different opinions on what exactly should happen now. the five years in prison was punishment enough. he deserves to face a full court-martial. greg: thanks a lot. i think it was the number one podcast in the world. hit the music. they looked at a crime.
8:11 am
trial. >> i got him involved. accused of killing after that. she was dead. anyway. i know you were into this. drones. greg: new guidelines for drones. these are basically many airplanes. you have to register with the federal aviation. robert moses is joining us with
8:12 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. receiving reports from more than 100 a month about these close calls. that is why these registration requirements are now in place. drones have made unannounced appearances at the macy's things giving day parade. they have also come uncomfortably close to commercial aircraft. >> about a mile back there was a drone flying. thousands of them are expected to land under christmas trees ever were.
8:13 am
with the federal government. drone owners must register their name, home address and e-mail address by february 19. drones purchased after monday must register before the first outdoor flight. the cost to register is $5. that will be waived for the first 30 days of registration. >> a good way to give people the feeling that they are responsible for their actions. >> registration does not go far enough. within 5 miles of an air force. >> the software on every drone has no business flying near dangerous places for for drones
8:14 am
of concern. you have to register these drones. the fine if you do not are steep that is the latest live from laguardia this morning. greg and rosanna, back to you. rosanna: i can hear you. greg: look what we've got. it is a drone in the studio. there we go. this is what i will for christmas. rosanna: more than 5 pounds? greg: do we have to register this? operated by our friend randy. >> i have a company that does this professionally. it makes people more accountable.
8:15 am
>> eric goes. mike is coming over here. [laughter] greg: i like the little camera on the thing. mike: i cannot concentrate. mike: what is going on? here is what we have. sixty-two. that is your afternoon temperature for today.
8:16 am
saturday and sunday. yes. it is a little bit late. sunshine back again. your temperatures do keep coming down. fifty-six. white plains same thing. same thing in new rochelle. okay. we have the showers clearing through. it looks like we have a pretty decent looking day here. that is all kind of a thing of the past. that will continue to be the case here. it dries it down into the tri-state region. we will see a couple days break from the rainfall here. thursday, and other front coming this way. the high temperature today going
8:17 am
fifty-two is your high tomorrow. more rain comes through thursday into friday. app. live interactive radar. it is free. see what is going on. ines: we have a hotspot. traffic jams although it back to exit 20 because of an accident blocking two lanes. here is the eastbound side. moving fine. that is a 40 minute delay and bound. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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8:19 am
lots of problems if you ordered online. you better get your stuff together here. according to the management. packages ordered on cyber monday took an average of seven days to arrive. it is putting a strain on ups and fedex. people can get cranky, greg. >> i understand. >> a brand-new drone. let's get down to business. fox means business. >> let's talk about star wars. it will open in theaters here in manhattan.
8:20 am
one and a half to $2 billion. the merchandising. the toys. the videogames. the contracts. auto manufacturers. you have heard the star wars theme music. at the end of the day, this flick is expected to bring in nine plus billion. i said billion dollars from walt disney. you will never find another -- back to you, rosanna. >> maybe you should put a drone on that list. losing his mind. the faa is cracking down on drones.
8:21 am
what dear? oh! oh, you're bad. stop that! i'm sorry. (vo) a new york millionaire spent $714,000 to learn how to be a pet whisperer. what? oh ho ho! (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. lotto. making more new yorkers rich than any other game. (coffee being poured into a cup.) save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf. greg: the new retirement plan is
8:22 am
rosanna: what are you going to do about that? greg: i bought instant coffee, just add water. rosanna: that is retro. how does that taste? greg: it is dirt cheap. rosanna: how does it taste? greg: i have to jazz it up. it is great. rosanna: i like a good cup of coffee. i'm not breaking the bank with one or two cups. greg: add that stuff up, in a hundred years you can retire. we have a drone rosanna likes. rosanna: it is a baby drone. >> mike: that one you don't have to register. rosanna: you don't. they have to be a half pound. greg: in for a landing. rosanna: or more. greg: how much is this one?
8:23 am
rosanna: where at? >> online, all over places. greg: on three, 3, 3, 1. blast off. very cool. >> there you go. >> it is a good stocking stuffer. a secret santa gift. rosanna: do you have control over it like a big one? >> yes, the bigger ones have easier controls with the gps. these are fun. they are great trainers. you can mess with your cat. mike: chase your dog around. i like that idea. greg: i like it. hint. mike: i'm getting ten of them. greg: we can have an army. an air war. rosanna: men are babies. we'll talk with you later.
8:24 am
can you concentrate? mike: not really. that sountd d like a giant mosquito. mike: to what's going on out there. to what's going on out there, first of all, big changes coming at us here. we had warm temperatures for days and days and record highs over the past several days and that is coming to a close. one more warm day with the sunny skies coming back and the warmest part of the day was after mid night and now the cooler air is coming in. a chance of rain coming in on thursday with much cooler temperatures coming to us over the weekend. it is going to feel like december. it is about time. anyhow, we have 60 at central park right now. 58 newark. 48 degrees in monticello.
8:25 am
together because the showers moved through overnight. now things are quiet for us. low pressure is driving down the cooler dryer air and keeping the temperatures down a little bit today and creeping up a little bit since the sunshine is out there. we should be limited to an amp temp of 62 this afternoon. 52 is the high tomorrow. 56 on thursday. that is when the rain is coming through later on thursday and friday. weekend is here, and look at the highs only in the 40s the lows into the 30s as well. happy birthday to ralph. have a great one there. now to ines and see what she's got getting around town. ines: it is a mess. so much going on. 78 eastbound, approaching exit 26, an accident has a lane blocked. backed up to exit 22.
8:26 am
jersey, traffic northbound fine, southbound extra volume. now to the trains, we have signal and mechanical problems. two, and three lines affected southbound running on the five line. you have no service on the three trains both directions between 148 and 42nd street and the 7 delays. metro-north the danbury branch delays because of a stalled train by ring. the path trains delays because of the amtrak bridge problem, the dock is not working. long island rail road and new jersey transit those are moving fine. >> thank you very much. rosanna: all right, the movie concussion, lots of people are talking about it. i saw a sneak preview. greg: will smith is in it and coming out on christmas day. getting a lot of buzz.
8:27 am
concussions in football. rosanna: lots of people are saying, interesting things are coming out of this movie, the woman that plays will smith's wife, she's coming up. she was fantastic. she's here on "good day new york" this week. in the meantime, duke is really looking at ways things are improveing with the nfl, right, they are conscious of the concussion problem? >> yes, we have talked a lot about that so far, and the league and the association are taking different approaches in improving safety and the hope is impacting far beyond the football field. some of the research may have impacts on how nonathletes will be treated. >> the study is not just about the concussions, but the effects of playing football on the
8:28 am
ethics of the relationships involved and brain trauma, even other areas. ours is the whole player, the whole life. an associate director of the health study, all the research and results will be independent of the nfl pa and determined by harvard. so far, over 2700 former nfl players are taking part. former new york giant who helped the giants win super bowl 25 and played 12 years in the nfl is a player adviser on the program. what is the harvard name behind the study, what do you think that means? >> first off, it gets your attention and there's, you have to go long and deep to find someone who doesn't know of harvard and you have to go long and deep to someone that doesn't understand and appreciate what
8:29 am
in the study, research being done in the areas that help the football players but potential patients like you and me. for example, the doctor acl enhanced repair technique in the clinical trials. >> putting a substitute and load it with the growth factors and plaitettes. that is what this new bridge enharsed repair technique is. >> it is far less invasive and that means quicker recovery time. and they are testing concussion treatment. >> we have placed these dios and putting on the areas of the
8:30 am
there is decreased blood flow to the brain. so the brain is getting less. so if that theory is true, certain light colors increase the activity, you could shine light of red infrared light on the cells. and therefore recovering from a concussion better. >> they are investing millions of dollars, a hundred million plus into research, science and tnl that they hope make the game safer for the players and transsend the football field and helping to accelerate the program through the grants and programs. jeff miller the nfl senior vice president of health and safety process explains. >> we are happy to advance the safety in the sport and beyond
8:31 am
one of the winners are in the research lab. this is significant in the ways of preventing healed injuries for the soldiers. >> it is very interesting things going on in terms of the research and other programs on arthritis and the heart and knee braces and preventing the acl tears, just to name a few. >> greg: good stuff. brand new drone, rosanna. this is a little bigger. rosanna: this looks like a spider. greg: higher, randy. rosanna: oh, there goes my papers. greg: randy is an expert on these things. you make movies with these right? >> yes, for film, tv, commercials. rosanna: we are going to talk
8:32 am
and patti smythe. a christmas one, performing here
8:33 am
no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. >> oh, a lovely day. >> that is a diner. open late, by the way. rosanna: how do you know about that? up before there. greg: well, the meat packing, you know. sometimes you get home after 9:00. rosanna: i know. hey, listen, we have dramatic surveillance video, it is out of oklahoma. a truck slammed into a hotel lobby last week.
8:34 am
it is not a case you from time to time they were confused, hitting the gas instead of the brake. he was mad about the hotel bill and threatened to do this and he went out and did it. rosanna: he's charged with assault and felony, injury. so i don't think he's feeling so good now. think about the bill and what he's done. greg: he's in jail by the way. a million dollar bail. what else? rosanna: three men are hurling towards the international space station. greg: not an american spacecraft. we are borrowing from the russians. this is the rocket, the launch. it was successful launch. an american is on board and working with the russians as well. so we can't get to this international space station on our own, as you know, rosanna. rosanna: i know.
8:35 am
of astronauts. you can apply. this is your chance, greg. you need a bachelor's degree in science or engineering. the pay is $66,145,000 a year. >> you have to live in houston, texas. that is not my kind of town. i don't know. look, we don't have a space shuttle. we don't. we don't have a rocket. who saw the martian? >> when they did this application process they got 6,000 applicants and only 8 were picked. greg: yes, very, very competitive. we have not been in deep pace for 43 years. apollo 17, the astronauts on the moon.
8:36 am
were that far away from earth. we have not been back to the moon in 43 years. rosanna: i know, you are upset about this. greg: they are alive and well. harrison went on to run and win a seat in the u.s. senate. but not bag since. rosanna: we talk about the word of the year. it is not a word, it is a su fission. ism is the word of the year for 2051. greg: that got you in trouble one year. rosanna: i made that the word of the year a few years ago. big traffic spikes with the word with that suffix. terrorism, racism.
8:37 am
greg: all right, we have a new drone. this is a medium sized drone. rosanna: 7,000 are expected to be sold over holiday season. the government is putting new rules out there. i see why. we'll talk about that when we come back. that is going to hit me.
8:38 am
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>> look at how pretty that is. >> i'm not bad with this drone. rosanna: not bad, not good either. oh, it is over my head. greg: this is tricky. rosanna: you are not going to be happy until you poke an eye out. >> greg: going over anna. anna: hi. someone chopped off a finger grabbing one. rosanna: anna, your concentration.
8:41 am
this is triggering fears i didn't know i had. last night, premiers celebrating star wars the force awakens on friday, thursday night at many of the theatres. the night is not lost. >> i am feeling fantastic. over the moon. i am in a stars wars movie and part of a family of professionals and feeling crazy to be here. this is good. this is a good thing. compared to anything else i can't imagine anything better than this. >> it is fantastic. 38 years later and we still, you know, we have a shot. >> it is very exceptional to have star wars in your career for 38 years and the film could
8:42 am
a lot of people thinking it is going to break the record. an announcement this morning that is music to the ears of the howard stern fans. >> i'm pleased and excited to announce that we'll be here for the next five years, that is correct, myself, rob, craig. >> that will is just sound effects. stern if had resigned tomorrow would be the last show and now five more years. >> wow, that is down to the wire. >> yes, he didn't talk about it at all, last time renegotiations he talked about nonstop and people were nervous he was going to leave and there will be an app to video stream the show and
8:43 am
greg: my dad was on the show. he's a great interviewer. anna: you called in as well. also, coming up, i will be back in the next hour, i cut down a christmas tree. rosanna: oh, you need help there. [laughter] anna: i got through it, and you can too. rosanna: how long did it take you? >> anna: it is not that bad. rosanna: you don't know about cutting the trees in brooklyn. anna: just a little stuck. my hair is dragging on the ground. i got into it. greg: you probably got a tick. anna: but there was a praying manties in the tree.
8:44 am
she's a warrior.
8:45 am
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about us on facebook. >> i'm going oh, with d drone. >> this is a live feed from the camera on it. the camera is looking at rosanna. you are looking here. hold on a second. one more time. >> okay. >> you can't see it. rosanna, there you go. get down a little bit. rosanna: so it goes in my eye? greg: here we go. 1, 2, 3. greg: oh no. run away drone. back to the drawing board. rosanna: i hope you don't break it. mike, he's into the drone, he's going to break it.
8:48 am
mike: he's good for that. i have a receipt. 42 is the average high. the low for the day is pretty much where we are right now. we are at 59 right now. we are going to see an afternoon temperature of 62 degrees. the storm is out of here. we have dry weather for a couple of days. over to you. rosanna: we have a lot coming up. drones, and regulations, lots of holidays. greg: you need a regulation or two right now. rosanna: yes, totally. mike: there she is. rosanna: "good day" is coming dunkin's new sweet black pepper with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. this is the best it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it.
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